Faith – Vision – Finances

Andrew & Susan

Andrew Denton is a successful business owner and long-time elder at Hillsong Church who has circled the globe sharing a simple message: inspiring pastors and their congregations to live life on a different level and finance the Kingdom. He’s also raised three wonderful, God-fearing children alongside his beautiful bride, Susan. As a kid he wanted to be a professional surfer and travel the world; God answered one of those prayers. When Andrew’s not cycling, texting Denton’s Daily Verse out to leaders around the planet, or drinking a long-black, you can find him enjoying time with his grandkids at home in Sydney, Australia. Relational, honest and straight-forward, Andrew’s approach to ministry and life is nothing short of inspirational. His talks have impacted thousands of believers world-wide. Which is why the truths found within Andrew’s resources and messages will challenge you to become a Kingdom Builder and change the way you serve God forever.